Short for the first day of summer..

It's summer, the sun is shining on the heath, winter is gone, life is good.. sang Pálmi Gunnarsson long ago

Now just cross your fingers, if you're superstitious, and hope that summer and winter freeze together, because according to an old folklore , if summer and winter freeze together , it means a good summer, but by that we mean that the temperature will drop below freezing the eve of the first day of summer.

We at Prentagram love Icelandic summer :)

The day is getting longer and the barbecue sickness is taking over :)

The flowers begin to bloom and the children come home with freshly picked flowers, actually a dog in this case

We become like children and go out more to "play"

Summer is a great time to make memories, and our beautiful country offers so much to do, you can do it all day long during the summer :)

We look forward to summer, don't let a little rain and wind stop us from making memories

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