CCP's EVE Fanfest in Harpa

We at Prentagram had the fun task last weekend of participating in CCP's EVE Fanfest. About 3,000 people came from all over the world to this annual celebration of the popular EVE game, and we at Prentagram were extremely happy to be able to participate.

We were given the fun task of preparing a new website for the festival, the purpose of which was to collect all photos tagged #evefanfest on Instagram and then project them onto screens located all over Harpuna. We also created a convenient system that made it easy for CCP staff to approve or reject the photos before they aired. Here is the result and the pictures appear when you press "play".

In addition to this, we had a small booth in the area and printed pictures for visitors and pedestrians, but that service was a real hit, especially after the guests' hairdos, painting and even tattooing.

The work that went into was put to good use there, but since then it has been extremely popular and has been used in many weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations. The site works in such a way that after you have logged in with an Instagram username and password, you can make your own slideshow with the hashtag you want and it will update in real time as soon as someone takes a photo and tags it. The site's service is free of charge, a gift from us to you :)

Below are some photos from the festival.

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