A card with your photo

Imagine arriving at a birthday with a beautiful gift and a card with a photo of the birthday child in the main role - yes or a photo of the newlyweds :) By using your own photos on prentagram.is , you can very simply create a card that can be used, among other things, for the next birthday, wedding, confirmation or graduation.

The photograph can be of anything and it is entirely up to you whether we print your own text on the card for you or you simply handwrite the cards later. The cards are printed on thick high-quality paper that ensures maximum quality and durability .

The cards are one of the most popular products among our customers, but they are both beautiful and extremely high quality. Last Christmas, Icelanders sent around 40,000 (forty thousand!!!) Christmas cards from us to friends and family all over the country, but they are definitely also suitable as a crazy addition to gifts for all occasions.

The cards in the picture above are 10x10 cm cards with a standard fold, but you can also get cards with an A-fold, which means that the card opens up. A single sheet with the picture on the front and the text on the back costs ISK 120. pc. and you can always choose between picking up or having your order sent home to any country. Click here and see how simple the process is...

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