Women's Day is on Sunday!!

Are you still looking for a gift for her for Women's Day?

How about saving some beautiful photos of you or something fun you've done together? It's extremely simple to make a Photobook with fun memories and moments, we'll send the order to your door or you can come and pick it up at us both in Hafnarfjörður and Reykjavík.

You can also create a Photo Book with text and, for example, take some good photos from last year or the vacation you went on together.

Our photo strips are a very popular gift and can be used as bookmarks, as decorations and stuck on a fridge to name a few :)

And finally, we would like to point out our necklaces , but you can order them with a picture of you, her, the children, the animals or anything else you can think of :)

The Women's Day gift will be a game with Printagram :)

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