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There are many things that need to be considered before the wedding, such as the location, the guest list, the clothes, the food, and yes, don't forget to send out the invitations . With us, it is of course very easy to order invitation cards and have them sent to your home along with envelopes and stamps :)

You also need to think about decoration or a theme for the party itself, but last year Frosti and Sigrún sent us their idea for table decoration for confirmation. The result was a fun atmosphere where people walked between the tables to see as many pictures as possible.

There are many fun ways to decorate the party tables with pictures and thus get the guests to get up and mingle with the other guests, and Pintrest is an absolute treasure trove of ideas. Below are two of our favorites:

The picture trees are easy to implement and you could also paint them in a fun color and hang things on the trees that are related to the confirmation child.

The balloons are very fun, but you could tie the balloons to something if the ceiling is very high and clip the pictures to the string on the balloons.

On our Pintrest "board" you can see more ideas, but we like to see ideas from you the most :)

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