Let's decorate the home

Hrefna Daníelsdóttir maintains a very fun Instagram and blog, she is very good at taking pictures and posting them, and we recommend that people who are interested in ideas for the home and fashion follow her.

Recently she posted a picture on Instagram of a wall she has covered with pictures, and she was so nice to tag us in the picture, where she ordered the pictures from us :)

and this is the result she shared on Instagram...

She lives so well that she has a lot of photos that she posts on Instagram, as she says herself "The advantage of being very active on Instagram is the more than 100 photos that are on their way to the wall - photos preserve wonderful memories. " couldn't agree more with her :)

We would like to thank her very much for sharing her freedom in her photos with us :)

Please feel free to share your ideas with us :)

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