Ideas for the party

In our opinion, it's a lot of fun to think about decorations when having a party.

Using photographs is always a fun way to break the ice and get party guests talking and reminiscing about old and fun memories. When you are celebrating a certain milestone such as a birthday, graduation, confirmation or wedding, the photos are, in our opinion, a real "must".

Our customers have been so lovely to share their decorations with us and here are some ideas:

Lilja Dröfn shared this beautiful design with us last year:

And this one came from Ragna Björg:

It also looks nice to put some pictures on a hard board, be it a cardboard board or a thin wooden board and hang it above the party table:

The fun thing about this idea is that you can take the panel down and use it after parties to decorate the walls of your home. Instructions can be found on the Bits_for_Everything blog.

Here is such a fun and simple way to make the birthday child happy, but of course you can put the photos in an album or scrap book after the party.

A fun one at the end... it might be a bit time consuming... but very fun and we found it at Amethystcat .

For this project you could use our strips and then cut them down.

Please share with us your designs of decorations because we love to see liberated pictures :)

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