Hvað með myndirnar úr fríinu

What about the vacation photos?

We all like to take photos, even add a cool filter and share them on Instagram or Facebook… but so what?

One of the fun things after the summer, apart from the tan of course, are the memories we collect on the phone or camera. In the past, there was a lot of excitement when the photos were taken for development and everything was kept in a beautiful album, but today we are starting to be considerably more imaginative in how we save our photos. Here are some fun ideas sent to us by happy customers:

The memories on the wall

Elva Björk tagged us on this beautiful picture

Or if you've traveled through good Iceland, you can install them like Karlotta10 did here:

The memories of the fridge

You can enjoy the memories on the fridge with magnets

The memories hung on a cord

These two ideas come out very well and it's easy to replace images if you want,

and this one that Guðríður Lilja tagged us on:


The memories in an album

The picture books with text are brilliant if you want a little plot.

But if you just want a simple album with photos, the photo book is also great:

It's also nice to make a small scrap book after the summer vacation, with photos and maps, business cards from shops and restaurants, tickets from trips, concerts or museum visits, postcards and all the fun things that were done during the summer.

We'd love to hear your ideas on how you saved some memories - you can use the hashtag #printagram or send them to us on Facebook :)

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