This is how you order on our website:

  • You select the product you want from the front page and work your way through the options available.
  • You submit your photos to the site by following the instructions on the site. Even if you have selected photos, you can always click on the plus sign and thus add more photos. If the site becomes slow or the computer becomes unbearable, we recommend that you put fewer photos through the system at once - complete the steps with a few photos at a time and that way they will be collected into one big order in your basket and your computer will keep the joy of life :)
  • Once the images have entered our site, you need to go over them and click on the images you want to crop, rotate, or get more copies of . If you find yourself unable to fit all the footage in the area inside the blue box, the image will unfortunately not fit the size you have selected. The images are sent to us as they appear on the page and you must make sure that the samples of the images are as you want the print!
  • Where applicable, you need to be careful about the order in which you insert the images on the page, but you will find all the detailed information on each individual product page.
  • When all the products you want are in your basket, you can complete the shopping process, choose to pick up or have it sent by Íslandspóst, the order will be sent from us to the post on the next working day*

      If you have any problems, you can always send us an email at and we will help you with a smile. 

      *We send orders with Íslandspósti hf. and the delivery time therefore depends on your location and load at Íslandspósti hf.