Personal protection

Privacy policy 

Prentagram ehf. ID 471013-0640 is concerned about protecting your personal information and we always try to limit the processing of personally identifiable information. In order for us to provide the services we offer, it is still necessary that you provide minimal personal information, and then we comply with Act no. 90/2018 on personal protection and handling of personal data. 

Prentagram ehf. never shares personally identifiable information with third parties and that information is never sold. 

The video editing section of our website is hosted in a secure environment. We do not store your photoslonger than we consider necessary to complete the order process and then they are deleted . Submitted information, data or photographs are deleted automatically and are never accessible to anyone other than our staff who work in servicing our customers and the staff who work in the printing and production of orders . Under normal circumstances, all images are deleted two weeks after they are submitted through our website. 

Valitor's card website handles everything related to payments, and no information related to our customers' credit or debit cards is sent to us .  

Google Analytics is used to measure things like visit time on our website, the type of operating system, device and browser used as well as geographic information. 

The Facebook, Instagram and Google Photos applications are used to increase the customer's convenience and allow him to upload photos from his personal profile directly from these social media. To be able to provide that service, items such as email address and name are collected together with the images that the user decides to upload. Use of data transmitted from the Google API to us is subject to the Google API User Policy, including the limited use requirement. See the Google API Services User Data Policy

Klaviyo is a marketing program that is used to communicate personalized information to the customer and for this purpose collects information about their use of our website, including items such as email address, name and transaction history. 

Shopify is a web-based sales system that we use to communicate our products to our customers and manage orders. For this to be possible, items such as name, email address, address, telephone and order history are collected. 

Printbox is an image processing program that we use to design the products that the customer wants to create and order. In order for this to be possible, items such as name, email address, address, phone number and order history are collected together with the photographs that the customer uploads. 

Cookies are used on the website of Prentagram ehf. They are used so that the programs mentioned above can work together and customize the user's experience and services. These are small text files, a kind of footprint that are stored on the user's computer. The information stored in the cookie is not shared with other websites. 

Delete personal information. If the person wants to have all personal information about them deleted, it is enough to send us an email and ask to remove all information related to the person at

By accepting the terms of use of browser cookies, Prentagram ehf. i.a. authorized to collect and analyze information that may include the following: 

  • Number of visitors and number of impressions from visitors 
  • Length of visitor's stay 
  • Which pages within the website are viewed and how often 
  • What operating systems and browsers are used to view the web 
  • Which keywords from search engines refer to the web 
  • Which site referred the user to the site 
  • What time of day the website is viewed 

All information saved in the browser cookie is anonymous and no personal information is saved. No information is shared with third parties.