In collaboration with Innarramarann ​​á Rauðarárstíg, Prentagram offers framing.
The frames are handmade by Innrammar's skilled staff and only high-quality raw materials are used in their production.
You can choose to pick up the frames for free or have them shipped to your home for a small fee.

Note that the images will fit into the frame as they appear on your screen once you've uploaded them to our site - you may need to crop and rotate them before printing by clicking on them in step 3.

Also note that the images go into the frame in the order you insert them. More information can be found here .
There are three sizes available:

The frames are available in both white and black, and you can choose between 2 or 3 cm thickness of the wood in the frame itself.
20x20 cm frame with one picture in:
White 2 cm frame
20x20 cm frame with four pictures in:

Please send us an inquiry at if you have any questions and we will answer you as soon as possible.