At Prentagram, we do everything in our power to meet your highest standards because we know that without your business we wouldn't have the opportunity to do what we enjoy the most; liberating your photos from digital form and bringing them to you and those you care about most!

Here are some things that are of great value to us and that contribute to the improvement of our service:

  1. Since the foundation of Prentagram, we have always complied with the law, we disclose all income to the Norwegian Tax Administration and operate according to the highest ethical and legal standards. With this, we put our weight in the scales of society and work towards its development.
  2. The return period is 14 days, customized products such as printed photographs, cards and calendars cannot be returned. Other products must be unused, in good condition and in unused original packaging. A receipt for the product purchase must be included if a refund is to be made. If it is a product on sale, however, all rights of return are cancelled. Refunds are made in full if the above conditions are met and after the seller has received the product again. Shipping and postage charges are non-refundable. The refund amount shall be the price shown on the order confirmation.
  3. However, what we cannot guarantee is:
    1. The condition of the images you send to us, whether in terms of color, quality, size or resolution,
    2. that you have adjusted (cropped) your photos and rotated them correctly so that the sample is the way you want the print before you send them to your cart,
    3. that your text is in order; correctly spelled, position is correct or size and font as you wanted it.
    4. that you have sent us the pictures and chosen the product you want.
  4. The little that comes out of our production is all sorted and we dispose of it appropriately, but we also donate materials to kindergartens. If for any reason anything with printed photographs needs to be disposed of, it goes through our shredder before being properly disposed of.
  5. Your personal information is kept secret from the rest of the world and we never and under no circumstances send email addresses, phone numbers, addresses or other information about you from us.
  6. Valitor's card website takes care of everything related to payments, and therefore we do not receive any information related to our customers' credit or debit cards.
  7. Framing takes place at Innrammararum, Rauðarárstíg 41, 105 Reykjavík, which follows the quality standards and ethics published by "The Fine Art Trade Guild" in Great Britain. Only high-quality raw materials are used there, and the little that results from their production is disposed of appropriately.
  8. The video editing section of our website is hosted in a secure environment. We do not store your photos and delete them after the time we deem necessary to complete the order process. Until the submitted information, data or photographs are deleted automatically, they are never accessible to anyone other than our staff who work in servicing our customers and the staff who work in printing. Under normal circumstances, all images are deleted two weeks after they are submitted through our website.