Prentagram price list

Digital development - small images

10x10 cm

75 ISK

10x15 cm

85 ISK

20x20 cm

450 ISK

Retro photos - photo paper

10x9 cm with 8x8 image
75 ISK
12x10 cm with a 9x9 image
85 ISK

12 pcs 10x10 cm magnets 3,590 ISK
8 pcs 10x15 cm magnets 3,590 ISK
2 pcs 20x20 cm magnet 3,590 ISK

Christmas, invitation and opportunity cards

10x10 cm single leaf 135 ISK
10x10 cm with a fold ISK 195
10x15 cm single leaf 155 ISK
10x15 cm with a fold 205 ISK
Envelopes 25 ISK
Stamps 290 ISK


Domestically 690 ISK
Within Europe 790 ISK
Outside Europe 890 ISK
  • Delivery charges are included in the price.
Chain of your choice 2,900 ISK

Price from ISK 3,990

Photographs on strips

9 strips with 36 pictures ISK 2,990
9 strips with 36 pictures on magnet 3,690 ISK

Photo books

Price from ISK 3,990

All prices are given with VAT and published here subject to typographical errors.

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